From now on, we will mow by machine. Three mowers for easy and quick mowing with a tractor.

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Mowing is considered to be very important for the quality control of crops, but is it a big burden for workers? I believe that reducing the time required for weeding and saving labor is one of the issues for not only individual farmers but also full-time farmers who handle large areas. In this article, we will introduce you to a flale mower attached to a tractor to mow grass, with the theme of improving the efficiency of mowing.

What is Freelmore?

Commonly known as “more”, it is a specialized equipment not only for cutting weeds but also for shredding them. Usually, it is attached to the back of the tractor to mow grass on flat ground.

It can be used not only for clearing undergrowth of orchards such as apples and grapes, but also for clearing weeds in a variety of places such as fallow fields, vacant lots, ground parks and riverbeds. In addition, the cut grass becomes chip-like green manure, and there is no need for trunk treatment.

1. Mowing grass in all terrain! Nipro Flare More/Sliding More

First, let me introduce Nipro Fleur More. Based in Ueda City, Nagano Prefecture, we are one of the leading manufacturers of agricultural machinery working machines in Nagano Prefecture. Under the NIPLO brand, we manufacture and sell machines used for field improvement, plowing, etc. Kubota, Yanmar, Iseki and Mitsubishi have their own compatible line-up.

Gauge roller allows for stable and light cutting height. Less biting of soil and stones allows for light work. It also reduces nail wear. The cutting width is approximately 1200 mm to 1800 mm at 11 ~ 45 ps. Approximately 1800 mm to 2200 mm at 40 ~ 65 ps. You can choose between two types of nails depending on the type of nail you want to trim. In addition, the runway clutch mechanism prevents the tractor from being pushed out due to the rotational inertia of the cutting shaft even when the clutch is disengaged, enabling safe operation.

Slidemore with offset mechanism added to flale mower for higher workability

With 2 hydraulic cylinders, a working angle of up to 90 ° and down to 55 ° is achieved. In addition, a maximum offset of 2350 mm (TDS: 2140 mm) from the center of the tractor is possible in the right direction.
Note:TDM 1600 requires 2 sets of double-acting hydraulic equipment and TDS 1400 requires 1 set of double-acting hydraulic equipment.

2. With the addition of 4 flared nails, the cutting performance is improved! Kovasiflermore

Next, I’d like to introduce you to Kobashi Fleelmore. An agricultural work machine manufacturer with its head office in Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture. As a model company in the latest series of Shitamachi Rocket, under the motto of “cultivating the earth”, KOBASHI produces both work machines and tillage claws which are indispensable for soil making which is KOBASHI’s strength.

You can adjust the reaping height simply by turning the handle. In addition, a side drive system is adopted. It facilitates the troublesome maintenance. The reaping width is approximately 1100 mm to 1800 mm at 12 ~ 32 ps. The nails are flared type with less impact, and 4 more cutting blades are added (only FM 1452/157/187) to further improve cutting performance. A new design that allows easy replacement of cutting blades.

Convenient one-touch offset type

Uses a link hitch mechanism that can be easily offset without tools while attached to the tractor. (152 series only)

Offset up to 320 mm

Some settings allow a maximum offset of 320 mm to the right.

3. New durable nail holder increases durability! Sasakiflair More

Finally, I’d like to introduce you to Sasakiflale more. A manufacturer of agricultural and environmental machinery headquartered in Towada, Aomori Prefecture. In 1951, the Sakisaki-style livestock incubator won the industry’s first prestigious award for invention. It has made its name in history as a pioneer of Western style farming equipment, and its spirit has been passed down to the present day.

For medium and small tractors, a continuously adjustable crank handle for reaping height is used. (0 ~ 20 cm) Gauge wheel spacing can be adjusted for stable operation. No-puncture tires are used for gauge wheels. For large tractors, the large diameter gauge roller prevents sinking even in a small amount of mud, making stable work possible. It is equipped with a scraper to remove soil attached to the gauge roller, ensuring a stable cutting height.

In addition, it can be greased up while the cover is attached, and it is possible to adjust the belt tension and the kind design with the lubrication time indication from the outside of the cover. The cutting width is approximately 1200 mm to 1600 mm at 11 ~ 35 ps. Approximately 1800 mm to 2000 mm at 40 ~ 60 ps. For nails, we have two types of original Sasaki knives. A safe work runway clutch mechanism is also used for safe work.

Extra: A highly efficient twin-mower for cutting grass even on steep slopes with long arms

I will introduce you to the Twin Moore of SANYO KK. The manufacturer has its head office in Satosho-cho, Asakuchi-gun, Okayama. The company recently developed and released the AJK 600 self-propelled remote control mower. It is the only manufacturer that sells arm-type mowing machines.

Although the reaping width is not wide, the mores and arms can be stored almost within the width of the tractor just by operating the lever while riding on the tractor, making it easy to avoid obstacles during mowing work, greatly improving work efficiency, and enabling safe tractor travel. With a maximum reach of 3700 mm, you can cut grass over guardrails and irrigation channels. Left mowing can also be selected. (Production to Order)

  1. The right side position shear part is located almost on the side of the driver’s seat, making it easy to see work conditions and obstacles from the driver’s seat, and enabling high-efficiency work.
  2. The right rear position allows maximum reach work, making it possible to cut grass over wide slopes and waterways.
  3. rear position Mower can be set at the back of the tractor, allowing mowing at the back of the tractor.
  4. Left rear position Mowing work is possible while driving on the left side of the farm road, and passing an oncoming car is safe and easy.


So far, we have introduced four kinds of mowing machines, including the extra one. What do you think? I would like you to use it as a reference when you choose the one suitable for your work.

The type of tractor varies depending on how to install it by each manufacturer and the adaptive horsepower of the tractor that can be installed, so please consult with a nearby farm equipment shop for details.

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