“Storage inspection and maintenance” will make a big difference if you do or not

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Ladies and gentlemen, how was the rice harvest and threshing this year?

“It looks like the threshing process will go smoothly this year.” When the ears of rice were about to droop, I was talking with customers, but it rained every weekend from late October.

Didn’t you suffer from rain until the end of threshing?

I think I managed to harvest it, but thank you very much.

Now, I would like to write about storage inspection and maintenance this time.

What is storage inspection and maintenance?

After you finish using the machine, you should put the machine in a normal condition and it can be used at any time.

Storage inspection and maintenance can prevent troubles during the next use and extend the life of the machine. It is economical because it can maintain good fuel efficiency.

As you all know, depending on the machine, there are a lot of things that work for a moment but rest.

For example, binders, harvesters, and combines. You use it only for a very short time in a year. About 90% of a year is in the warehouse.

After using these machines, we put them in the warehouse without doing anything, and the next year, when we thought about using them, “It will rain tomorrow, so I want to harvest rice today!!” the machines do not work properly. In order to prevent such a case, the storage inspection and maintenance are necessary.

In addition, it can prevent the machine from breaking down without noticing the machine’s malfunction and requiring costly repairs.

Storage inspection and maintenance:

  • The air compressor is used to remove such substances as fir to prevent rats from entering.
  • Remove dirt from the mud with a high-pressure washer to prevent rust.
  • Lubricate rusty rotating parts and oiling parts.
  • Check the oil and replace it if it is defective.
  • In order to prevent the explosion, the antifreeze solution is passed through the injection and hose of the SS.

You need professional knowledge and skills such as.

If you want to check and maintain the storage, please look for the nearest store from the member store of Noukinavi.

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