Rice Transplanter

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KKubota NSD8 8-row rice Transplanter.
It is a Riding type rice transplanter that is reassuring for planting in wide rice fields.

Dimensions: 3400 mm (length) x 2860 mm (width) x 2030 mm (height)
Weight: 850kg
Output: 21 horsepower
Fuel: Diesel light oil
Total displacement: 898cc
Tank capacity: 17L
Gear shift: HST continuously variable (2 secondary gears)
Planting method: Rotary type
Planting spacing: 30cm between lines
Plant spacing: Adjustable within the rows
Planting depth: Adjustable
Seedling type: Mat seedling/Tray Seedlings
1 Hr per Acre
6l of Diesel/Acre

Mitsubishi MP27 - Walking type

  • Overall length 1800mm
  • Overall width 860mm
  • Overall height 900 mm
  • Engine fuel: Gasoline

Mitsubishi MP45-Walking type

  • 4 row planting
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • No puncture tires
  • Planting: Crank method