Check the machine before planting rice!

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This time, I would like to write about repairing oil leaks in the drive harrow. The drive harrow is a machine that is used exclusively for raking, and is used to make the sowing and transplanting beds after rough plowing by another machine. It can be said to be an indispensable machine for highly efficient and accurate raking in paddy fields.

Let’s start by fixing the oil leak in the chain case.
Disassemble the chain case and remove the claws.

Before disassembly

During disassembly

After disassembly

Remove the claws and replace the oil seal.
If you make a mistake, oil will leak out, so be careful.

After replacing the oil seal, put it back together in the reverse order of disassembly.

Next, let’s fix the oil leak in the gear case.

If you remove the shaft, you will find an oil seal, which you can replace.
This is much easier than the chain case.

After replacing the oil seal, fill it with oil, turn the claws to make sure no oil is leaking, and you are done. This may sound like an easy job when I explain it in writing, but it took me about four hours because I was still not familiar with it.

If you use your bike with oil leaking, it can damage the gears inside the chain case, or even break the chain in severe cases.

Aside from halos, it is also important to check the amount of oil before using farm equipment.

Also, after you have finished using the equipment, be sure to send it in for inspection and maintenance so that you can use it comfortably next season.

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