This is Kubota Binder RJN55.
A two-row harvesting binder that enhances the efficiency of rice harvesting.

In a rice field of 1000 square meters, you can finish harvesting rice in about an hour.
I use a single-row harvester binder that does not allow combine harvesters in mountain rice fields, but it improves the efficiency of rice harvesting.
I want to raise more! Ideal for customers who say!

Aircraft dimensions: length 1770 mm x width 795 mm x height 1070 mm
Weight: 147 kg
Output: Up to 6 horsepower
Fuel used: Unleaded gasoline
Total displacement: 169cc
Tank capacity: 2.4L
Number of gears: 3 forwards, 1 reverse
Blade width: 500 mm
Cutting height range: 40-60 mm
Applicable string: jute string, PP string, sisal string
Power: 40-55 minutes per 10a
Centralized lubrication function
Automatic reaping clutch


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