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Hello everyone! This is the Noukinavi office.

In this blog, I’m going to introduce the old agricultural equipment!

We are currently holding an output meeting about agricultural equipment once every two weeks. At the Output Meeting the other day, I heard the output about the functions of tractors and combine harvesters, and I didn’t know that the current agricultural equipment has many useful functions!! Surprised …

But now there are many farm tools with many convenient functions, but what kind of tools did farmers use in the old days when they didn’t have such convenient farm tools? I was curious, so I checked it a little!


Furukawa Type Rotary Crusher (Furukawashiki Kai-tenseiki)

This tool is to dig up the soil of the rice field, and it has many sharp edges and looks like a rotary. It was developed by Furukawa Agricultural Equipment Industry in Kanazawa city, and they made cows and horses pull it to crush the soil of rice fields and prepare for rice planting. It played the role of a cultivator or tractor which we call now. In the past, it was difficult to cultivate rice fields with only human power, so they raised cows and horses and let them pull heavy tools together to make rice.

Kirimasuki (Kiri Manga)

This is a tool to break up the soil of the rice field. Or, it is a tool to level the rice field before rice planting. I used it with cows and horses. This also plays the same role as tractor and cultivator!

Seedling basket (Naeko Basket)

This is a basket to carry seedlings for rice planting. It is a large, round basket with a mesh. They used to carry 2 baskets with many seedlings hanging on a pole. By comparison, I can see how convenient the current rice transplanter is!

Latch Hoe (Rachiuchikuwa)

After you plant seedlings a little, weeds will grow. Nowadays, it is possible to spray agricultural chemicals and prevent weeds from growing, but there was no such thing in the past, so they used to weed by using a hoe. I heard that this tool also did the work of stirring the soil. Therefore, farmers at that time felt that it was much easier than the time of manual labor.

Foot-Threshing Machine (Ashimidakkokuki)

When he stepped on the pedal with his foot, the part where the wire was attached rotated, and he applied rice plants to remove rice. We can get a lot of rice in a short time, but we had to be careful because rice is scattered. It seems to have played the role of combine now.

[Footstep thresher illustration]

Toumi (Winnower)

This winnowing basket makes wind by turning the handle to separate rice and garbage. If you put rice in from the top, the heavy rice will fall down, but the light rice and garbage that is not ripe will come out from a different place.



There were a lot of farm equipment other than the old farm equipment that I introduced this time. When I researched about farming equipment in the old days, I realized once again that farmers in the old days had put a lot of effort and ingenuity into how they could work efficiently, and I thought that the development of farming equipment today was only possible with the wisdom of farmers in the old days! Even now, there are many agricultural instruments that are too convenient, but how far will the agricultural instruments of the future develop? I’m looking forward to it.

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