Upon your order, we perform maintenance and transport to your nearest port as below:

1. Maintenance & Cleaning

tp_1 tp_2


2. Transport from the agricultural machinery company to a yard near a loading port

tp_3 tp_4


3. Arrival at the yard



4. Official pre-loading Inspection at the yard

tp_6 tp_7


5. Shift from the yard to the berth for loading on a ship.

tp_9 tp_10


6. Waiting at the berth before loading



7. Loading on a RORO (Roll-On Roll-Out) ship

tp_12 tp_13


8. Securely fixing to the deck in the ship

tp_14 tp_16


9. Discharging from the RORO ship


With your additional request on transport arrangement in your country, we will arrange the internal transport from the port yard as well. Our MOL group’s Nairobi branch will arrange it.

10. Transport from a yard near the discharge port to your place

11. Delivery at your place