A closer look at the world’s only two-seater tractor [Hinomoto Tractor JF-1]!

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When it comes to agricultural machinery, tractors are the best. Tractors are usually used by one person, but in the past, Japan had the world’s only two-seater tractor. However, there was once a tractor in Japan that was the only two-seater tractor in the world.

Its name was “Hinomoto JF-1”. It was sold around 1985, just before the bubble economy boomed in Japan. It was sold around 1985, 35 years ago.

The manufacturer, Toyo, is no longer in business.

The steering wheel looks like a passenger car.

The arrangement of the pedals under the feet also gives it a sports car-like atmosphere.

The distinctive center meter. It looks like a machine from the world of Space Battleship Yamato. It doesn’t look like a design from 35 years ago, but we can see how futuristic it tended to be.

Behind the driver and passenger seats, there is a small cargo space. This is probably an item that was designed to be used for loading up lunch boxes and going to the fields. This makes working in the field feel like a little picnic! The ideas are endless, aren’t they?

Although it looks like a passenger car, the JF-1 is a tractor and has a rotary. It is an excellent agricultural machine that has been used in fields and rice paddies. In the reporter’s hometown, pear farmers often used it to cultivate their orchards. They seem to have appreciated the low height of the vehicle.

The illustration here was written by Mr. Yasushi Hattori, who introduced us in the article “Shouting ‘Omae-tabete’ in the center of Japan – Appealing for more rice consumption by participating in kart races.

The illustration shows the image of the JF-1 in use, so we decided to publish it. He is going to work in the field with his girlfriend or wife on an open two-seater date tractor! It looks like a very fun image.

JF” in JF-1 stands for “Joyful Fashion. The JF-1’s JF stands for “Joyful Fashion,” and it was a model that showed the enthusiasm of people who wanted to enjoy their daily farm work with a stylish tractor. Unfortunately, the JF2 was never sold….

From the catalogs of those days, we can feel the enthusiasm of the manufacturer. I am impressed by the fashionable models used in this model. Will they be heading for farm work in the future?

Of course, the tractor is fully functional. The models’ expressions are also serious. Are they checking the condition of the field behind them? Well, I would be tempted to sell the JF-1 if it were still available today.

The catalog for this ahead-of-its-time JF-1 tractor ends with this page spread. The JF-1 tractor goes over the land overlooked by the balloon. “I am fascinated by the catchphrase, “Two people drawing on the earth. I’m fascinated by the catchphrase.

And what a surprise! One of the customers of Ito Sangyo Kikai, where the reporter works, is still using this JF-1 two-seater tractor for agricultural work. As you can see in the photo, he is using it in the field with a fertilizer spreader attached to the rotary. Since the driver’s seat is not in the center of the tractor, he feels it is more difficult to go straight than a normal tractor.

The JF-1 two-seater tractor was born in the 80’s, in an era of “more luxury, more comfort, and more performance. It was a tractor that seemed to anticipate the bubble economy.

I would like to see agricultural machinery manufacturers produce tractors like the JF-1 that boldly took on the challenge of design and concept. The JF-1 two-seater tractor in the photo is a demo car (not for sale) of Ito Sangyo Kikai Co.

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